Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Of Chinese chestnut soup and Mr LKY

Its a hot day, I think the hot and humid days of our tropical environment are back. The sun had been shinning for the past couple of days, notwithstanding the short bursts of drizzles that were familiar of tropical places.

Its been a long time since I enjoyed a meal with my parents. They were rather excited that me and my sis were at home for lunch and they cooked a couple of dishes and a soup. The soup was what I wanted to talk about. Its so gooooood! Chinese chestnuts, pork ribs with scallops and some herbs that I have no idea whatsoever on their names.

The point is, the soup was real good. I had so much that my tummy swooshed with it and I feel like a Telly Tubby now. At the rate that I ate at home, I would not be surprise if I picked up a couple of pounds on the way man..

Anyway, I was just reading the book titled Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew: From Third World to First. I was in awe of this man. He is not just smart but also shrewd and quick. Its not just the politics of Singapore he intervened in, but also in the politics of our neighboring countries as well. For those who read the book, you would know that the book talked about the early developments of Singapore, Communism, the Vietnam occupation in Cambodia, ASEAN etc.

I am not very satisfied with the way my country is being run at the moment but I really got to salute Mr LKY here. He, with the old guards grow Singapore into such a state today. Without their astuteness and their wit, we would never have been able survive. We would never have been taken seriously by the rest of the world in fact.

I am still reading the book. Its a very interesting read, to revive my general knowledge on world history as well as to understand my country in her early days better.

Go read it, its very interesting.

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