Saturday, May 20, 2006

Of food and shit

Someone once told me that whatever good food you eat will still come out as the same substance. So essentially it does not matter if you eat some common kaya bread or some higly sought after delicacy. You are still the same person before and after you finish your meal. So logically and practically, there is not much need to stuff your face with very expensive food since a common kaya bread will also serve the same purpose as a bowl of bird's nest soup, for example.

I used to beg to differ. This is because there must be something different between some higly sought after food and some common kaya bread. Yes, they still serve the same function, to fill your tummy but since the former is so damn expensive, there must be some quality that differentiates it from the common food that one usually eats. If not then why are people willing to pay a premium for them? Besides the popularity factor and the taste of course.

However, the emphasis is on the word "used to". I think my stand on this has been somewhat changed, after this morning.

After I did my first shitting.

Before going further, I must say that I love to shit. Its the most natural process and its so, should I say, enjoyable. So vindicative, and such a release! I always enjoy shitting, especially in my own toilet, not that shitting in some other toilet is not enjoyable too. Then again, there are also many factors that would determine the pleasure one gets from shitting. The quality of the shit, the time I am allowed to stay in the toilet (rushing for work in the morning always spoil my mood for shitting) and most of all, the cleanliness of the toilet. I hate to shit in some lousy, dirty and stinky toilet. Especially those where the most important equipment is missing. The toilet paper.

Anyway, enough of shitting. I am supposed to be talking about food.

This morning, I shit. It was so enjoyable! The quality of the shit was excellant, not too hard and not too liquid. And the period of release was so short, I do not have to stay in the loo for too long and I got everything out.

And so I thought "now what did I have last night?"

Abalones, shark's fin, crabs and some exotic tuby shellfish. It cost my boss $650 for the meal for 4 pax.

And they all come out this morning as the exact same substance as what I would produce if i were to have some normal kaya bread.


And that lead me to come to the conclusion that different quality of food would still produce the same quality of shit. Well, perhaps healitier food would produce better quality shit but you get my point.

Thats enough shit and food for now.

I am too lazy to elaborate further.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,
nice to see you back n blogging again, I like the after release shit feeling of the stomach, very nice... but I always believe the quality of shit is depends on the things u eat, clearing of our bowels is e most enjoyable process of the day if the condition of toilet is good like you say but I believe the high quality food u ate got other "effects" to the body than contributing to the shit ;)