Sunday, May 21, 2006


I was surfing the net when I came across this very heartstrings pulling short film, done in the memory of those who died during the 911 tragedy.

I still recalled what happened during that faithful night. It was during my second year in the Uni and it was on a rather humid night. I was watching The Practice on the TV and was switching channels during the commercial break. Then suddenly there was a news flash on the bottom of the TV about how The World Trade Centre was under attack and the whole building was on fire. Out of curiousty, I switched over to CNA to get a better picture. The first thing that captured my attention was the chaos over at NYC. There was screams all over the site and papers and stuff were flying off the building. To tell the truth, up till that point, I have no idea what the WTC towers were, I never even know that NYC had such a tall building.

And then suddenly, the newscaster was very agitated. There were people jumping off the building. I think at that point, the female newscaster was actually shouting into the mic. At about 930-940pm, 1 tower collapsed into itself and then a few mins after, the other tower followed.

At the point when I saw people jumping off the building, I was so scared and freaked out that I actually felt a lump in my throat. Its so crazy. And now looking at this movie with Jewel singing in the background, I almost teared. Imagine if you or your loved ones were there. Those people who died did not even have a body left. Everything was totally destroyed.

I believe things happened for a reason but something so terrible should not have happened at all. Its totally meaningless. One can say that there are so many political and social elements that come into play which ultimately result in such a castatrophy but lets just leave all these out of the picture and think for a while. In the end, these are normal people who died. People just like you or me living their daily existence on a normal day. People who have no idea that that faithful day will be their last days of existence on this planet. That they will be seeing their wives, husbands, sons, daughters, parents for the very last time. They did not have the time to say their last goodbyes, did not have the time to tell their loved ones how much they loved them.

Watching such a film on a clear Sunday morning is defintely not a cheerful way to start the day.

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