Sunday, March 05, 2006

Impulsive spending -> no good

I really need to change my impulsive behaviour. Especially when it comes to financial stuff. Damn.

Last night, due to my immense boredom, I actually threw away $120 not including the charges that I had to pay when I took the cab home. And I asked where had all my money went to. What a dumbass.

Feeling really hungry after an afternoon of workout, I suggested to have a meal outside. I wanted to eat something really sinful. Jack's place was all that I had in mind actually. And we ordered:
  1. Steak with catfish
  2. Venison steak with crayfish
  3. House salad
  4. Shitake mushroom soup
  5. A glass house blend juice mixed from carrots, oranges and watermelon
  6. A glass of mango juice
Guessed how much the bill? A fucking $69.95. My eyeballs nearly popped out when I was passed the bill! In my hurry to get food, I forgotten about the prices. Sheesh.. And the worse thing was that the food wasn't really that great. The venison tasted like pig's liver, all thick and hard. The steak was ok until it got really cooked on the hot plate that it was served on. I prefer my steak to be medium rare, with all the blood and juice intact. Yes, I am a bloodthirsty bitch.

After dinner, it was off for desserts. There really goes my diet. Heh! We walked around and the only ice-cream I really had a craving for was McDonald's. So, it was Chocolate Fudeg sundae, which incidentally was rather nice considering that I am not really a chocolate person..

It was already about 11pm but I wasn't in the mood to go home and so I suggested going to the K-box, forgetting that they charged on a per-hourly basis. To cut the story short, we went there and sang ourselves hoarse for 2 hours. It was rather refreshing since that was the first time I went singing with someone of the opposite sex and not in a large group. Its funny but I did not even feel awkward!

Then the bill came and my eyeballs nearly popped out for the 2nd time for the night again. It was a fucking $52! Damn.

I think at the rate I spent money, it will be sooner or later before my eyeballs really pop out.


rijac said...

well, look at the bright side.. at least you were on a date!


Anonymous said...

exactly.. got workout and all.. shldnt complain... unlike the rest of us who have to be content with our right hand..

Iris said...

Who the hell are you?!

What right hand??

DK said...

How come is u pay and not your date pay???

Iris said...

Hello?! Since when I said its a date???