Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My most embarrassed fall ever.

I went to the gym earlier. I already said I am serious and determined about getting of Big Martha, she had already overstayed her welcome and I cannot wait to rid her off.

Anyway, the first thing I did was to cycle non stop for 20 minutes.

Then I hit the running track, immediately after my cycle. When I said immediately, I meant hopped-from-the-bicycle-to-the-running-track kinda immediate. The 2 machines were just beside each other.

After the 20 minutes of running, my legs were rather wobbly. I was trying hard to steady myself on the still moving track.

But my legs were too tired and too jellylike to support me and Big Martha.

I stopped.

The track did not stop.

The inevitable happened.

It was slip, fell and got thrown off the track. Me, Big Martha and all.

Before going on about my adventures, I would like to remind you sick readers here who by now must be laughing at my mishap that it was late evening and the peak hour for working people to hit the gym after their work. There were like 20 or 30 people in the small gym. With the ceiling to floor mirrors, every one can see every one.

All activities in the room ceased.

I stood up and walked slowly to the toilet like it was the most natural thing to get thrown off the running track.

All pairs of eyes seem to follow me on my way to the toilet.

I went past a muscular man with the largest pair of biceps that I ever seen and he wanted to help me to the toilet. I waved him off with a laugh and said I was alright.

My butt was hurting like hell.

Sometimes I really wonder in self-amazement on my clumsiness.


rijac said...

iris. don't overdo it hor... you will end up hurting your self.

DK said...

Most importantly.... did you zao geng? :P

Iris said...

no lah, rijac, i did not overdo anything, in fact i felt that i wsn't tired out by the workout yesterday. The only pain I am feeling today was the blue black I sustained on my butt and my hand from the fall yesterday

DK, I was in shorts, so no chance to zao geng also.. Sorry to disappoint you..

hj said...


DK, even if she zao geng hor, you see liao ur eyes will swell for 1 week lor... Not worth the effort, internet google search easier.


Iris said...

You people are really sick...

I had a fall here and you are making fun of me.

DK said...

Ya lor! That HJ is too much liao.

If Iris Zao Geng, I'll be the first to rush forward and peep! :D