Wednesday, November 15, 2006

His awkward situation

I was with my big boss at the Motor Show on last Thursday and we were strolling along, having a great visual feast on the cars and the girls. There weren't many people there yet cos the show had not officially started.

Suddenly, the boss remarked with a seemingly non-approving tone, "Look at that girl, so young already got tattoo." I looked and there it was, rather large and at the girl's smaller back.

I was a little put off by his tone, so I said, "Erm, whats wrong with having a tattoo, I also have one."

He was a little taken back and went, "Oh really! You too!"

After that, nothing much interesting happened, other than him teasing me whenever he could about my tattoo. The point is, I think I kinda put him in an awkward position with his remark.

Last night, during a drinking session with 1 of our customers, he was teasing my boss about how pretty young female graduates would not want to work under him.

And so I said," Hmm, I felt insulted."

He went, "Oh no! I wasn't referring to the current girls working under him! I was talking about the freshies!" And then he toasted me as a form of apology of sorts.

It only struck me earlier that I kinda put my boss in an awkward situation twice.


Paddy said...

You should have shown him your 'hello kitty' tattoo or is it 'beansprouts'?

Iris said...

Turtle, is a turtle...... Sigh.....