Saturday, May 05, 2007

One freaky night

There was this function last night and as usual the boss wanted to go Dragonfly at St James after that. I tell ya, every since he found out about the place, we have been going there at least once every single week. The guys are the VIPs of that place so every time, we go there, there will be seats ready for us. Last night, the club was totally packed and we could not even get through the entrance even though we had seats ready for us inside. In the end, we had to squeeze through the staff entrance to go inside. It was real crazy.

Anyway, something freaky happened during the night.

One of the boss' friend came and join us. He looked ok and decent enough. He was rather gentlemanly too, or so I thought.

As usual, we had a little drinking session. I downed a third of a glass of Martell, straight up on the rocks with no mixer. It sure burned, I could feel the liquid burning down my throat down to my gastric.

Now, normally I would be able to hold this well, but for some reason I felt a little tipsy after the glass. Maybe from the lack of food before drinking I guess. Anyway, I was getting a little flushed and as with all alcohols, it really brought out the bold side of me. I felt myself getting a little high and very bold and cheeky.

And then MO asked me to try to get that friend of my boss drunk. Apparently, he does not get drunk easily and as I was feeling very egoistic about myself, I challenged him to get me drunk. I downed another half a glass and made him finish the rest of the glass. He did it easily. Thats when I noticed that he seemed to like to hug me. At that point, I thought he was just being friendly, I mean I was a little tipsy so it should be alright for him to steady me by hugging me. So I hugged him back. His hands were all over me though, but I was too confused to care.

And then someone knocked my hands while I was holding my glass of wine, twice. The glass spilled out its contents onto my hands. Thats when the freaky thing happened.

That gentleman saw it and then smiling, he grabbed my hands and then licked my hand from the wrist to my elbow! I was stunned, no matter how drunk I was! Gosh, he felt sticky!

Then he stood up and smiled at me again! Argh! I did not know how to react or what to do, I looked at him and smiled back then offered him more drink. He declined and then hugged me again! Woah, now thats going too far!

So I made some excuse and moved away. To another freaky incident.

I moved inwards and ended up standing beside the other table. There was a bunch of young guys there and one of them saw me. He approached me and placed his hand around my waist and shouted into my ears.

"Hey, you looked drunk." Followed by some unintelligible words.

Then he introduced himself which I promptly forgot his name.

And then he asked me," Do you have a boyfriend? Can I have your number please?" And then pushed his mobile to me. I laughed and said, " I am too old for you!"

He still did not give up, and continued to hug me tightly. My friend who was standing beside me saw this and asked if I knew him. I told her no and I had no idea who the hell was that!

And that was when my knights in shining armors came to my rescue. Mike and Winston, on seeing that I was in some kinda fix, slowly squeezed through the crowd and came over. I saw them and quickly pulled them near me.

Then I turned over to that young punk and smiled at him. I pulled him close and shouted to him. "You want my number? Get it from my brothers here!"

The stupid drunk was too deaf to hear me and asked me,"Are these your boyfriend?"

I looked at him and shouted again, "These are my brothers! Go get my number from them if you want!" And then I pulled my friend to the toilet.

I did not know what happened after that but the punk's friends on seeing Mike and Winston (they really looked menacing then) pulled him away from our table and I saw them going to the exit.

I tell ya, never underestimate the power of alcohol, it really make you do crazy things on impulse....


DK said...

Next time got free hug call me hor. :D

scubscub said...

Iris, next time call him if you see that freaky guy whom licked your hand.

I am sure DK will love the free hug and licks from him! Haha!!