Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just so you know

I shouldn't love you but I want to
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away

And I dont know how to be fine when I'm not
Cause I don't know how to make the feelings stop

Just so you know
This feelings taking control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now
Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go of you
But I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before you go
Just so you know

It's getting hard to
Be around you
Theres so much I can't say
And do you want me to hide the feelings
And look away

This emptyness is killing me
I'm wondering why I've waited so long
Lookin back I realize it was always there to be spoken
Now I'm waiting here
Been waiting here

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